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简要描述:raise意 义:vt.举起、提高、提升;筹集、征集;唤起、引起;养育、饲养、种植;提升,增加(人为)搭 配:raise one’s hand 举手raise one’s hat to sb. 向某人举帽致敬raise doubts in people’s minds 引起人们的怀疑raise a child 养育孩子raise farm/corps 饲养raise funds 筹集资金raise salaries 增加薪水raise standards of servic...

本文摘要:raise意 义:vt.举起、提高、提升;筹集、征集;唤起、引起;养育、饲养、种植;提升,增加(人为)搭 配:raise one’s hand 举手raise one’s hat to sb. 向某人举帽致敬raise doubts in people’s minds 引起人们的怀疑raise a child 养育孩子raise farm/corps 饲养raise funds 筹集资金raise salaries 增加薪水raise standards of servic


raise意 义:vt.举起、提高、提升;筹集、征集;唤起、引起;养育、饲养、种植;提升,增加(人为)搭 配:raise one’s hand 举手raise one’s hat to sb. 向某人举帽致敬raise doubts in people’s minds 引起人们的怀疑raise a child 养育孩子raise farm/corps 饲养raise funds 筹集资金raise salaries 增加薪水raise standards of service 提高服务水平辨析:raise lift raise 多指由低处垂直举往高处,纷歧定艰苦lift 指用力或机械把重物提高到较高的位置rise arise arouse rise v.上升arise v.发生arouse v.引发起真 题 Though______in San Francisco, Dave Mitchell had always preferredto record the plain facts of small-town life.A)raised B)grown C)developed D)cultivated谜底:Aextend意 义:vt.延伸;扩展、扩大;提供、给予;vi.伸展、延伸;(在规模或应用上)到达构 词:ex(向外)+tend(伸展)变 形:extension. n.伸出、伸展;延长部门;电话分机extensive a. 宽大的、辽阔的;广泛的intensive a.增强的,深入细致的搭 配:extensive knowledge 广博的知识to extend credit/visa 延长信贷限期/签证extensive reading 泛读extensive discussion 广泛的讨论辨析:enlarge expand enlarge v.扩大,放大expand v.使膨胀,扩张extend lengthen prolong extend 指直线状的伸展,引申指扩局势力、规模。lengthen 指增加长度或延长时间。

prolong 指时间历程延长到凌驾通常或正常的限度。真 题 It is quite necessary for a qualified teacher to have good manners and _____ knowledge.A) extensive B) expansive C) intensive D) expensive谜底:Aintensive意 义:a.增强的,集中的,深入细致的;集约(谋划)的,精耕细作的构 词:ex(向外)+tend(伸展)变 形:intensity n.强烈,猛烈;强度intensively adv.增强地,集中地,深入细致地搭 配:intensive study 深入细致的研究intensive reading 精读intensive agriculture 集约农业labour intensity 劳动强度look at sb. with intensity 深情地看着某人辨 析 :ntense 意为“很是的;强烈的”,常用于形容某种性质或情感,表现很高或到达极端的水平。intensive 含有intense的意思,但更强调“精致的;集中的”。


An intense attack 全线的攻击;an intensive attack 集中某一点攻击。真 题:1.The patient’s health failed to such an extent that he was put into____care.A)tense B)rigid C)intensive D)tight C2.The relationship between employers and employees has been studied________A)originally B)extremely C)violently D)intensively谜底:1.C 2.Davailable意 义:a.现成可使用的,在手边的,可使用的;可取得联系的,可获得的构 词:a(to)+vail(value,价值)+able(后缀)----有使用价值的-----可使用的搭 配:make sth. available to/for 使…可以享受某物;使….买得起某物the only available room 唯一可用的屋子;辨 析:available a. 现成可使用的,在手边的,可使用的handy a. 手边的,就近的,便利的,敏捷的at hand 在手边,在四周,即将到来真 题:1.Convenience foods which are already prepared for cooking are______in grocery stores.A)ready B)approachable C)probable D) available2.In general,the amount that a student spends for housing should be held to one-fifth of the total ____for living expense.A)acceptable B)available C)advisable D)applicable谜底:1.D 2.Bcharge意 义:n.控诉,指控;主管,看守;用度,价钱;负荷,电荷,充电vt.索价,要......支付;控诉,指控;使负担(任务、责任等);使负荷,使充电搭 配:in charge of 主管,看守in(under)the charge of 在……的掌管下charge sb.with 指控某人………charge(sb.)…(money)for sth. 要价,要(某人)付….(钱)买某物take charge 开始治理,接受a positive/negative charge 正/负电荷be on charge 正充电at modest charges 以公正的价钱charge for trouble 手续费charge a battery 给电池充电辨 析:accuse accuse 指的是严重水平不等的犯罪或冒犯行为,accuse与介词of连用,charge charge所指的是正式控诉或指责具有违法性质的行为,charge与介词with搭配.真 题:1.She was complaining that the doctor was ________too much for the treatment he was giving her.A)expending B)offering C)costing D)charging2.This hotel ____$60 for a single room with bath.A)charges B)demands C)prices D)claims谜底:1.D 2.Acase意 义:n.事例,实例,事实,情况;病例;案件;箱,盒,套;手提箱搭 配 : case in point 有关的事例,例证a case in point 恰当的例子in any case 无论如何,不管怎样in case 倘使,以防(引导虚拟语气)sum up the case 归纳综合事实in case of 如果,如果发生;预防in no case 无论如何不,决不in this/that case 如果这样.那样的话a case of measles 麻疹病例appeal a case 申述pack a case 装箱in the case of 就…..来说,至于as the case may be 看情况,凭据详细情况辨 析:case 事实,事例,情况,其可笼统地指一个完整的论题,也可表典型的事例,也可用于表医学上的病例或执法上的案例.instance 为正式用词,指从事实中援引单独事例,隐含其典型性重难点、语法例则:in case意为“倘使;省得,以防(万一)”。In case引导的从句可以用陈述语气,也可用虚拟语气,虚拟形式为should+动词原形真 题1.I was advised to arrange for insurance _____I needed medical treatment.A)nevertheless B) although C)in case D)so that2.I left for the office earlier than usual this morning _________traffic jam.A)in line with B)for the sake of C)in case of D)at the risk of3.We left the manager a note________ he wanted to know where we were.A)if B)in case C)so that D)unless4.The lawyer advised him to drop _________,since he stands little chance to win.A)event B)incident C)case D)affair谜底:1.C 2.C 3.B 4.Ceffect意 义:n.效果、效果; v.实现、使生效变 形:effective 有效的,生效的,起作用的;给人印象深刻的;实际的,事实上的effectively 有效地、起作用地搭 配:bring/carry/put into effect 实行、实现take effective measures 接纳有效措施effective range 有效射程;effective ways of reducing pollution 降低污染的有效方法;take effect 生效、起作用to the effect that 大意是effective 有效的、起作用的in effect 实际上、实质上come/go into effect 生效to no effect 无效;毫无效果辨析:effect consequenceeffect 指显着的原因所发生的结果。

consequence 可指没有明确原因的结果或效果。effective valideffective 表现能发生实际的效果。valid 指仍为权威部门认可,可以继续使用,是执法用语。

真 题1.They took _______ measures to prevent poisonous gases from escaping.A) fruitful B) beneficial C) valid D) effective2.Though the long-term___ can not be predicted, the project has been approved by the committee.A)affect B)effect C)result D)consequence3.The new appointment of our president ______from the very beginning of next semester.A)takes effect B)takes part C)takes place D)takes turn A谜底:1.D 2.B 3.Atransmit意 义:vt.播送、发射;传送、感染构 词:trans(从…到….)+mit(发送)变 形:transmission 播送、发射 ;传送、感染搭 配:transmit knowledge from one generation to another 把知识由一代传给另一代transmission of news 消息的流传;transmit news by radio 由无线电发送消息真 题:1.American football and baseball are becoming known to the British public through televised _________ from the United States.A)transfer B) deliveries C) transportation D) transmissions2.Some diseases are ___ by certain water animals.A) transplanted B) transformed C) transported D)transmitted3.Communication is the process of_______a message from a source to an audience via a channel.A)transmitting B)submitting C)transforming D)switching谜底:1.D 2.D 3.Arelate意 义:vi.有关联;适应,和气相处;vt.使相互关联;讲述,叙述变 形:relative 相关的,有关的;相对的,比力的;亲属all human values are relative,so beauty is relative to the beholder's eyes.relatively 相关地,有关地;相对地,比力地relation 亲属搭 配:relate to/with 有关联relative to 有关,涉及in/with relation to 有关,涉及close/near relation 近亲distant relation 远亲真 题:It is difficult to______cause and effect in this case.A)unite B)think C)relate D)describe谜底:Ctransform意 义:vt.使改观、革新;变换构 词:trans(从….到….)+form(形式)变 形:transformation n. 改观、革新;变换transformable a.能改变的,能革新的搭 配:transform….into….. 把…酿成…辨 析:transform change 两词有时可交换,但在骤然改变和神秘地改变时,须用transform真 题:1.The twentieth century has witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and culturalA) tradition B) transportation C) transmission D) transformation2.The coming of railways in the 1830s______our society and economic life.A)transformed B)transported C)transferred D)transmitted谜底:1.D 2.Atransfer意 义:vt.搬、转移;调动、转移;转让、过户 vi.转移;调动、转移;转车、转程n.调动、转移构 词:trans(转移)+fer(运送,传送)变 形:transference n.转移,转让transferable a.可转移的,可转让的transferor n.转让者搭 配:transfer one’s affection 变心transfer company 转运公司transfer from a bus to a train 由公共汽车换乘火车transfer title to land 转让土地所有权transfer the property 转让产业辨析:transfer move 在表现“调动”时,transfer含有在同一大团体中事情或任职的变换的意思,不强调升、降职的意味,只是事情性质的变化。Transfer还可表现情感的转移或货物的运输,一般不用move替换。move 表现从静止状态开始移动,可以是短距离、小规模或长距离、大规模的移动,也可指不改变位置的运动。真 题:He hoped the firm would ______ him to the Paris branch.A) exchange B) transmit C) transfer D) remove谜底:Cadapt意 义:vt.使适应,使适合;修改,改编 vi. (to)适应变 形:adaptable a.能适应的,适应性强的adaptive adj.适应的adaptation n.适应,适合,改编adaptor n.编剧者,改编者搭 配:adapt to 使适合,使适用adapt from 凭据……改写/改编adapt oneself to 使自己适应或习惯于辨析:adapt 指作出较大的修改或改变以到达目的。


如:She had to adapt herself to local conditions.她必须使自己适应当地的情况adjust 指作些不重要的轻微调整以便切合要求或适应新情况。如:adjust one's watch/glasses对表/扶眼镜fit 多指“巨细适合”,引申为“吻合”suit 多指“合乎要求、口胃、性格、情况”match 指“巨细、色调、形状、性质等相配或相称”真 题:The newcomers found it impossible to ________themselves to the climate sufficiently to make permanent homes in the new country.A)suit B)adapt C)regulate D)coordinateI suggested he should________himself to his new conditions.A)adopt B)suit C)regulate D)adapt谜底:1.B 2.Dalter意 义:v.改变,改动,变换变 形:alterable adj.可变的,可改的alterant adj.改变的alteration n.变换,革新辨析:alter 部门地改变,不失去天性;change 本质地变化,甚至失去天性,或一种工具退换了另一种工具;vary 由更替、多样化或生长的变化而引起的一个或一连串变化。

convert 指从一种状态或情况转变为另一种,尤指用于新的目的或用途。真 题:1.If your new coat is too large ,a tailor can _____it to fit you.A)alter B)exchange C)alternate D)change2.She had to _______her dress because she had lost weight.A)transform B)shift C)alter D)cut谜底:1.A 2.Carise意 义:vi.(1)发生,泛起,发生;(2)(from)(由……)引起,(由….)发生,起源于;(3)起身,起床变形:arose arise的已往式arisen arise的已往分词辨析:arise arise和rise都可用于来表现“起床”和“站起身”的意思。

Arise常用于较抽象的主语之后rise 常用于详细的场所raise 是及物动词,意为“举起;使起来;提高;提出”arouse 也是及物动词,意为“叫醒;激起;引起”搭配:arise from/out of 由….引起,起源于真 题:1.Many difficulties have _____as a result of the change over to a new 无效 of fuel.A)risen B)arisen C)raised D)arrived2.A completely new situation will ______when the examination system comes into existence.A)rise B)arise C)raise D)arouse谜底:1.B 2.B。






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